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Our company motto is simple, “DO NO HARM”. Our restorers have been in the numismatic hobby for over 30 years and restoring buffalo nickel nickels for over 8 (eight) years. Our staff enjoys what they do. We take dateless buffalo nickels with no value and restore what human hands destroyed over time. We treat your coins as if they are our own. Upon reviewing your buffalo nickels, one of our restorers will determine whether your coins are (fully or partially) restorable, or not restorable at all. In any of the above findings will contact you to request your intentions in email form. WE DO NOT REINCARNATE. WE RESTORE. PERIOD!

Our nickel restoration methods are not for sale, nor will they be disclosed at any price. We are so proud of our extensive research that we hold our restoration process as unique and sacred. All of our employees are in fact co-owners in the company. So, why would we divulge our trade secrets to anyone? Please do not ask us how we do what we do.

Our restorers share a love for the buffalo nickel and the coin restoration profession. I believe Mr. Frasier, the creator of the buffalo nickel, would be proud of us. Unfortunately, we receive a lot of criticism for what we do. As the owner, my general response to the many “HATERS” is simple: “I do not respect your negative opinions about my company restoring dateless buffalo nickels under your premise of free speech. You should find some other therapeutic method to preoccupy those angry rants, instead of emailing my company. Thank you and Good Day.


buffalo nickel restoration.com
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